The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

-- And we relentlessly strive to accomplish this achievement. Knowledge is the biggest weapon one can have and we comprehend its value. There is no age of learning and an ideal teacher never discriminates the students on the basis of class, gender and race. Our prime objective is to connect these pupils with the finest teachers easily without any hindrance.

Our forte lies in creating a common platform to propagate knowledge among the aspiring learners. On the other hand, with the help of the progressive technology, the teachers can also pursue pupils easily and from the comfortable corner of the abode.

Excellent Facilities

The teachers can enroll their names in the site free of cost by earning a free membership. The tutors can fix their charge on the site on which the admin will charge a $4 per hour commission rate.

Features Offered

We take a pride of being a customer-friendly company. Taking care of the clients’ demands and requirements is the principal devoir of our expert and experienced customer service executive professionals.

We are the forerunners in the field of education, delivering tutoring services globally. Proper execution of one-on- one communication procedure implemented through the advanced technologies like webcam chats, PDF sharing and electronic whiteboard facilities has facilitated the process of learning.

Ease of Endeavor

We have unfettered our site from all the intricacies. Comprehensive details of each tutor are provided on the basis of which the learners can evaluate the quality of the educators and can opt out the suitable teacher to book the convenient schedule. Students can mark out the date and time of a lesson provided by the teachers on the online booking and teacher calendar. You
can give us feedback as well as send us problems for effective resolution.

Our Mission
  • To enrich the planet with knowledge and to promulgate the requisition of education.
  • To offer proper guidance to the aspiring learners to comprehend and assess their studies.
  • To ensure the assistance of resolution of any difficulty regarding studies and to help preparing the lessons properly.