Book Me Hub has provided a platform where both the students and teachers can reciprocate with each other and can discuss and resolve their problems.

Guidelines for Teachers

To begin with, you should log in to the site first.


  •  Click Apply To Teach and register free of cost.
  • Create your own profile and save all the details such as qualification, work experience,contact details, location, which subject you want to teach, etc.
  • Once you are logged in, you can check the current status in your DASHBOARD.
  • Go to the Account option below the DASHBOARD.
  • Click on the General option.
  • Inside the Overview option, your name and information are given.
  •  Edit your account by clicking on Edit Account option.
  •  Click on the Subjects and select the subjects you want to teach.
  •  You can change your password by clicking on the Password option and can replace your existing password with the new one.
  • Students can check your education details, work experience and certifications you have gained by clicking on the options named Education, Work Experience and Certifications.


Add Schedule

  •  By clicking on Add Schedule option, you will get an enhanced list comprising of all the details such as the Subject, Date, Start Time, End Time, Fees, Title, Status and Action.
  • As a teacher, you can enter the subject you want to teach in the Subject column.
  • Enter the date when you want to teach in the Date column.
  • Enter the time from when you will start giving tutorial in the Start Time column.
  • Enter the time when you will stop giving tutorial in the End Time column.
  • Enter the charge you will take for giving tutorial in the Fees column.
  • Enter the standard or class for which you will be given tutorial in the Title column.
  •  When the schedule is booked by the student, the Active column shows the status BOOKED.
  • Once the scheduled time is over, the Active column depicts whether the class will be held or not as it becomes ACTIVE if held and becomes INACTIVE if not.

Calendar View

  • By clicking on the Calendar View option, the teachers can check out the date and timing schedule that has been fixed on a calendar.
  • You can sort it out on the basis of Month, Week and Day.


This is the option which can be found under the Schedule option. Here, the teachers can check out which students have booked the schedule.

This is a segment, which the students and teachers both can see.

p-s.- The admin charges a particular percentage of money from the teachers for every booking as the commission.

New Booking

This option is used when a new booking is done.

Cancelled booking

Only the teacher can cancel the booking of any pre-scheduled class.


It gives a complete view of the entire booking with the help of the columns Subject,Dates, Start Time, End Time, Fees and Admin Fees.


It saves the record of all the bookings.


Here, the students and teachers can check out the current status of the refunded amount of a cancelled booking.


Here the teachers can set their PayPal ID.

Min Rate

Here the teachers set the minimum fees for giving classes

Max Rate

Here the teachers set the maximum fees for giving classes

PayPal Id

Here the teachers can set in their PayPal Id where the transaction is mostly done.


By clicking Submit button, the teacher enters the submission.

You can find this button on the upper portion of the teacher’s profile. The teachers have to

upload video in the YouTube first and then by clicking Add Video button, they have to copy

paste the link there. The students and other teachers can easily check that out anytime.


Whenever the learners pay money to the teacher through the PayPal Id, it is shown in the Wallet portion. The admin gets the proposed percentage of the amount as the commission. The teachers can withdraw all the money by clicking on the Withdraw button. Once they click on the Wallet button, the money is automatically transferred to his/her PayPal Id.

In this segment, the teachers can check out how much they will get.


This is the major and the foremost segment of the teachers’ account.


If any new booking is made, that can be seen in this segment.


It shows if a scheduled class is pending.


It shows when a scheduled class is taken.


It shows the transaction.

When the time of the pre-scheduled class comes, a Join button automatically appears on the DASHBOARD. The teacher has to click the button first, unless he or she joins, the students have to wait
If the class is dismissed and if the teacher doesn’t, click on the button, the student will get back the refund money he or she has to pay.