“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

We at bookmehub.com, have taken this thought of Nelson Mandela as a challenge. Our mission is to accomplish this challenge with the proper implementation of the improvised strategies.

Techniques that we execute:

With the help of the whiteboards and video chats, we implement certain processes such as-

 Grading and Screen casting

 Onlineblended or hybrid learning

 Professional development

 The learner approach or the student created content

 Live screen casting

Teaching in the virtual classrooms is an innovative and very challenging experience which casts a spell of learning and knowledge in the mind and heart of the learners. Video chats have made the online education simple and quick.

The adept tutors of bookmehub.com exploit the concept of live tutorial classes by blending the technology with the creativity.

How it works?

 In the virtual classroom, the teachers and students both get connected through video chats.

 They discuss about diverse topics in the pre-scheduled time.

 The educators give the pupils, lessons through the whiteboards and video chats, which helps to solve any problem easily and smoothly.

 Teaching lessons are covered up with the help of the PowerPoint Presentation.

Benefits of live tutorials

 Quick and fast approach.

 Saves time and endeavor.

 No time limit.

 No transportation expenditure.

 Appeal is long lasting.

One of the major advantages we give is that the students and teachers of all the country around the world can approach to each other and the payment procedure is also very simple.